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Welcome home to you.

Freeflow Mind+Body offers guided practices designed to help you return, again and again, to you. These practices will ground you in your own truth. They'll awaken your joy. And they'll empower you to heal yourself.


As each of us lives our own unique process of becoming -- an ever-unfolding adventure of evolving, changing and growing -- we encounter experiences that bring us closer to the core of our innermost truth. And we inevitably find experiences that create chasms -- taking us further and further away, blocking us from a sense of connection with ourselves.

The beautiful thing is, no matter how far we've gone,

 we can always return home.


I'm honoured to share these practices with you and hope they'll be of service.

By choosing to embrace your own amazing and limitless potential, you choose to invest in a world of authenticity and compassion. And that is a wonderful thing.


Meet Dani

So why am I qualified to help guide you on your journey? In fact, I'm more of a student than anything else. As an eternal seeker, I've dedicated much of my life to discovering new ways to learn and grow.

As a teacher, I travel alongside you as we both explore tools, techniques and practices for living more comfortably in our own skin. For nearly a decade, I've been a student of yoga and meditation. In 2014, I became a registered yoga teacher (RYT-200), and a year later I completed my PhD in English Language and Literature.


With this diverse background, I create classes and workshops that integrate the ancient traditions of yoga and meditation with the beauty and power of language. As I continue to learn and grow through these practices, my greatest wish is to share them with you.


I'd like to say that mindfulness-based living has changed me -- because it has. The real truth is: the evolution is ongoing! Discovering yoga and meditation has helped me manage anxiety and depression, become more emotionally resilient, connect to my physical well-being and develop a path toward spiritual growth.

I created Freeflow Mind+Body with the intention of making self-healing as accessible as possible, which is why I come to you (your work, home, school, or community) whenever possible. 

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Thursdays are my new favourite day. A couple of weeks ago, the Mr. came home super stressed and said 'I need yoga back in my life. Please please please find us a yoga class.'


Done! I knew I wanted a restorative yoga class and I knew I wanted it super close to our house, I also wanted an evening class (none of this Sunday morning BS. Lol). And so I found it. So every Thursday you'll find us here; hugging a bolster and chilling out. It's my favourite night of the week.

- Sheena Bounsanga, Mindfulness Coach

Say namast-hey!

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